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Our Mission:

Chinafairlyused sells used machinery and equipment from China, including used drilling rigs, DTH hammers, drill prospecting tools, oil drill bits, drill pipes, tricone bits, roller cone bits, and sewing machines, as well as other used equipment. Our low prices save you money.

With the large-scale restructuring and upgrading of Chinese industries, a large number of industrial equipments have become idle. In some developing countries, such as Nigeria, industrial development is flourishing. With the further development of the One Belt, One Road initiative, especially the recent pledged investment of an additional US $40 billion by the Chinese government in Nigeria, it will trigger a large number of young Nigerians to start their own businesses, resulting in a substantial increase in demand for industrial equipment.

However, the high cost of new equipment has discouraged many investors, and most of them cannot afford the high initial investment.Affordable and Practical are what many business starters need most. Compared to new equipment, our used machines are very economical and inexpensive.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to start your business. In addition to providing affordable used machines, we will provide further support and services on the operation of the machines to guide you quickly on the right path for your production or process.
Choose Chinafairlyused to start easily, and dreams come true.

Our Team:

Jackson Chen:  graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1992, majoring in mechanical engineering related to missile technology. In 1992, he began his career as an engineer, specializing in research in the geological drilling industry, power, automotive, and agricultural sectors. In 2006, he joined the Emil Group in Nigeria as an engineer and factory manager. With over 10 years of life and work experience in Nigeria, he found that the demand for second-hand machinery and equipment from market investors is increasing day by day, and at the same time, the supply of second-hand machinery and equipment in the Chinese market is very abundant. Therefore, he founded this website, hoping to provide Chinese second-hand machinery and equipment supply to customers with demand around the world.

Martin TangEngr. Martin Tang: graduated from hunan university of science and technology in 2006, worked as a maintenance engineer at hunan xingye nonferrous metals co., ltd. and hunan jianglu machinery group. experienced in the maintenance of engineering machinery and industrial equipment.

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