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Used chemical pharmaceutical equipment

Used chemical pharmaceutical equipment for sale.

Located in China’s largest used chemical equipment market, the used oil and chemical pharmaceutical equipment, and recycling of various chemical and pharmaceutical equipment sell well in the consumer market, enjoying a high status among consumers. The company has established long-term relationships with various retailers and agents. Stable cooperation. Main business: second-hand oil and chemical pharmaceutical equipment, recycling a variety of chemical pharmaceutical equipment full range, the price is reasonable. Existing Inventory Used Equipment Used Centrifuge (Decanter Centrifuge Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Single/Double Stage Piston Pusher Centrifuge Hanger Centrifuge Dish Disc Centrifuge Triple Leg Centrifuge Tube Centrifuge Starch centrifuge yeast centrifuge sewage treatment centrifuges and other separation equipment)
Second-hand dryers (tube dryers dryers drum dryers starch dryers food dryers fluidized bed dryers double cone vacuum dryers vacuum rake dryers boiling granulator spray dryers flash dryers microwave dryers air dryers, hot air Furnaces and other drying equipment)
Used Filters (Plate & Frame Filters Chamber Filters Diaphragm Filter Presses Blade Filters Cylinder Filters Vacuum Rotary Filter Sand Filters Titanium Rod Filters Pressure Filters Filtering Equipment)
Used Evaporators (Rising film evaporators Falling film evaporators Concentrated evaporators Single effect evaporators Double effect evaporators Three effect evaporators Four effects
Evaporator Thin Film Evaporator Rotary Film Evaporator Scraper Evaporator Ball Concentrator Evaporator Stainless Steel Tube Condenser Plate Heat Exchanger Spiral Heat Exchanger etc. Heat Transfer Equipment
Used Mixing Equipment (V Type Mixer Single/Double Blade Mixer Double Cone Mixer Homogenizer Mixing Equipment)
Second-hand feed processing equipment (premix production line Concentrate production line Feed granulator Hammer crusher Sorter Cooler Mixer Pulse dust collector Lifter Auger Inspection screen Extruder and other feed granulation equipment)
Used Food & Beverage Processing Equipment (Sterilization Box Drying Box Sterilizer Pan Wok Cold & Hot Tank Holding Tank Fermentation Tank Batching Tank Temporary Storage Tank Instant Sterilization Machine Filling Machine Sealing Machine Bottle Washing Machine etc.)
Used pharmaceutical equipment (sterilization tanks, water treatment machines, hot air circulation ovens, ovens, multi-function extraction tanks, traditional Chinese medicine extraction tanks, reaction kettles, distillation kettles, mixers, distillation towers, recycling towers, condensation evaporators, sharpeners, moisteners, and slicing machines)
Used Boiler Equipment: Vertical Steam Boiler Horizontal Steam Boiler Oil-fired Boiler Heat-conducting Oil Furnace Hot Blast Furnace Coal-fired Boiler Gas-fired Boiler Chain Boiler Hand-fired stove, etc.

Main Product:Used starch equipment, used feed equipment, used MSG equipment, used oil press, used thermal oil furnace, used oil equipment, used alcohol equipment, used oil equipment for sale 1-15 cubic stainless steel enamel reactor, LW horizontal spiral Sedimentation and unloading centrifuges, used horizontal scraper unloading centrifuges, used HR horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuges, used dairy separators, used vegetable oil separators, used yeast separators, used Anqing 445 starch separators, Used DPF850 starch separator, used CH30PS Yada starch separator, used 10-400 square box filter press, used diaphragm automatic filter press, used vacuum transfer filter, used 100-1000 square tube dryer, used flash Steam dryer, used fluidized bed dryer, used spray dryer, used drum dryer, used double cone dryer, used alcohol distillation tower, used distillation tower, used stainless steel distillation kettle, used granulator, used hammer Crusher, used stainless steel condenser, used homogenizer, used double-effect three-effect four-effect evaporator, used single-effect scraper film evaporation , stainless steel storage tanks, used 10-400 million kcal thermal oil furnace, used 1-20 tons of steam boiler. Off-the-shelf chemical equipment mainly include: stainless steel reactor, enamel reactor, stainless steel condenser, three-foot centrifuge, Fluidized bed dryer, tube dryer, starch centrifuge, butterfly separator, horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge, horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, two-stage piston pusher centrifuge, van filter press, Plate and frame filter press, filter, industrial washing machine, double cone rotary vacuum dryer and so on used chemical equipment, off-the-shelf used feed processing equipment mainly include: feed ring film granulator, feed extruder, feed extruder, feed Lifting machine, frame filter press, etc. used feed equipment. Off-The-Shelf Starch Processing Equipment The main equipments are: 445 starch butterfly centrifuge, 450 starch butterfly centrifuge, 455 starch butterfly centrifuge, 500 starch butterfly centrifuge, tube dryer, box filter press, horizontal Scraper discharge centrifuges, cone mills and other starch processing equipment. Although the equipment is used, second-hand does not mean inferior products. The equipment is used for the price, the quality of the first hand. Most of the equipment is the equipment of the state-owned enterprises that went out of business. Some of the equipments produced by the regular manufacturers were even used for several months, but the price was only about one third of the new equipment. The chemical equipment accessories you need are available in almost all of our freight yards, depending on the manufacturer and quality. At the same time purchase and sale of various chemical equipment. After you consider mature, take a technician to examine!

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chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment

chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment

chemical pharmaceutical equipment

chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment chemical pharmaceutical equipment

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