Used deep rock well drilling rig

Rock drilling rig Used deep rock well drilling rig down-the-hole drill   Blast hole piling

well drilling rig

well drilling rig

well drilling rig


It is used in blast pits of open-pit mine quarries and various steps to excavate medium soft rock and medium hard rock layers to meet productivity needs.

Aperture range: 90-130mm

Stronger drilling ability and higher quality of hole formation.

ZEGA D440 brings the following benefits

Charges control blast effect

Through parallel and pre-split blasting, speed up the peeling speed.

By increasing the slope angle, the excavation of waste rock is reduced.

Flexibility is significantly better than traditional open pit and quarry rigs.

Excellent return on investment

The D440 well drilling rig has a working wind pressure of 20 bars, a drill pipe length of 3.5 m, and two diameter drill pipes to choose from, which can be used to drill foot holes.

High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety

n Two-stage compression air compressor with energy efficiency ratio is used to achieve high wind pressure rock drilling. It has excellent fuel economy performance, more energy saving and more environmentally friendly.

n High-torque swivel head to overcome the stuck phenomenon in most rock formations.

n Two-stage dry dust removal system to meet environmental protection requirements.

n Fully enclosed air-conditioned cab with good sight and comfortable and safe operation.

n New-type propulsion beam with excellent guidance and stability, realizing high-precision drilling.

Flexibility and mobility:

D440 well drilling rig has excellent walking performance, and transfers quickly and safely in the work place. Because of the balanced weight distribution, low center of gravity, suitable chassis ground clearance, and heavy-duty track frames with a swing angle of ± 10 °, the off-road capability is outstanding. It can also perform vertical or various angle drilling on sloping slopes.

More convenient maintenance:

Like other drilling rigs of Chigo, the D440 was designed with the convenience of maintenance in mind. The maintenance space in the cabin is spacious, and all maintenance points are within easy reach. Marking rings are provided on both ends of the oil pipe and cable for easier maintenance.

The straighter the slope, the better the economy

Using ZEGA D440 well drilling rig for down-hole pre-split drilling can make the steps higher and narrower. This makes the slope steeper and reduces the amount of excavated waste rock. This has the advantage of reducing the rate of depletion, which means higher production and better overall mine economics.

The main technical parameters

Recommended aperture range

Aperture range


Applicable DTH Impactor

3.5 ”/ 4” inches

Capability of pole change system

Number of stored rods

7 + 1

Outer diameter of drill pipe

68 / 76mm

Drill pipe length


Maximum depth of automatic lever change


Hydraulic swivel head

Swing speed


Working torque



Brand model number

Cummins QSC8.3-C260-30

rated power

194KW @ 2000rpm

Emission level

Country 3

Fuel tank



Air compressor GE810II

Working pressure



16m3 / min

Drill arm type


High-strength single straight arm

Advancing beam


Motor chain propulsion system

Total length


Advance stroke


Advancing compensation


Advancing speed

0.85m / s



Pulling force



Walking speed

3km / h

Driving force



30 ° (winch greater than 20 ° is recommended)

Track frame swing angle

± 10 °

Ground clearance


Shipping size (excluding options), approx.









The standard configuration

n Cummins engine QSC8.3-C260-30 power 194KW

n Screw two-stage compression air compressor 16m3 / min, 20bar

n Cooling system suitable for 50 ℃ environment

n Automatic pole change system

n Removable dust hood for easy observation of opening accuracy

n Dust pre-separator

n Dry dust collector, can automatically and continuously clean the filter element

n Hydraulic swivel head

n Propulsion beam extension compensation mechanism

n Heavy propulsion beam

n Impactor lubrication device

n Drilling pipe thread lubrication device

n Floating hydraulic oil pipe follower

n Safety cab with facilities such as heating and cooling air-conditioning, rear-view mirrors and multi-angle adjustable seats

n Noise level ≤80dB, with ergonomically designed operating handle, placed on the seat armrest

n Two-speed hydraulic walking

n Heavy-duty track frame with three-tooth track pads

n Hydraulic drill pipe guide and drill pipe disassembly table

n Fuel saving device (automatic unloading when the wind pressure is idle, automatic engine speed adjustment, etc.)

n Reverse alarm

n work light

n Automatic emergency stop device

n Manual hydraulic oil filling pump with filter device

n Hydraulic chuck

Optional parts

n Automatic anti-sticking system

n Wet dust removal system

n Intelligent remote management system

n High Altitude Set

n Cold zone device

n Electric fuel pump

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