used Sandvik DL550 dth drilling rig

Sandvik dth drilling rig used DL550。

The Sandvik all-in-one DL550 dth drilling rig has been in use for 4000 hours since 2011 and is working normally on site。

dth drilling rig dth drilling rig

dth drilling rig dth drilling rig

dth drilling rig

SANDVIK: Sandvik dth drilling rig  Sandvik is a high-tech group company headquartered in Sweden, formerly known as Tom Rock of Finland, is a world-renowned supplier of mining and engineering equipment solutions. Products include: surface drilling rigs and underground rock drilling rigs Underground scrapers, etc. Sandvik develops, manufactures and sells products with high technological content and is at the world-leading level in its business fields.

Sandvik dth drilling rig used

DI500 is a crawler self-propelled DTH blasting rig driven by a diesel engine. Used for blasting rock drilling in open-pit mines, quarries and building construction. The rig comes standard with a series of highly efficient automation equipment such as a fully sealed cab, a hydraulic telescopic drill boom, a hydraulic dry dust collector, and an automatic tube changer. Applicable hole diameter range is 90 ~ 152mm. When using 89mm drill pipe, the maximum depth can be 40 meters at one time (the drill pipe length is 5000mm)

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