Second-hand down-the-hole drill truck mining equipment down-the-hole drill second-hand drill

Down-the-hole drill truck
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Equipment for drilling rock
A rotary impact drill. The impactor is used to drill rock directly into the bottom of the hole. The transmission loss of impact energy is very small and the drilling efficiency is high
Chinese name: down-the-hole drill truck Purpose: rock drilling
Hengzhi Rock Drilling Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
The self-developed three-channel recoil integrator and special dedusting motor are used to achieve good dedusting effect. The whole machine is designed and manufactured with modern design, system optimization and a series of patented technologies, with low fuel consumption and significant economic benefits.
Constant to large working range
The sidesway mechanism is adopted to realize omni-directional drilling, with wide working range, strong terrain adaptability and high efficiency.
High reliability
The main components such as screw air compressor, hydraulic pressure and electric control are all international first-line brand products. The independently developed hydraulic rock drill adopted has low failure rate and convenient maintenance, which is especially suitable for mobile field operation.


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