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Tag: Repair of composite drill bits

Tri-cone bit-refurbished cone bit-composite chip bit repair-bit repair

Operating oil used tri-cone bit (3 5/8 inch–26 inch) (IADC Code 114-117-125-127-136-217-437-417-517-537-617-637-737) — Geological Mining Bits — PDC Diamond Bits — Foreign Trade Export Bits Business- -Mud Material (CMC) — salvage tools (male cone-female cone-shoe grinding, etc.) — three cranes and one card accessory — a comprehensive strength company with drilling tools as a whole One of the most extensive dealers in the business of accessories, it has been serving drilling units such as oilfield drilling, geology, coal, geothermal wells, gas wells, hydrological exploration, non-excavation crossing projects, bridge foundation piles, etc At the same time operating a variety of imported S135 G105 oil drill pipe weight drill pipe counterweight drill collar Imported drill collar: 121-146-159-165-178-203-220-241mm Imported Grant drill pipe: 89

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