Used Oil Drill Bits roller cone bit

Hot Selling Russia/Eastern Europe Used Oil Drill Bits roller cone bit

Used Oil Drill Bits roller cone bit import process

First of all, the HS code of imported equipment should be determined, because only by obtaining an accurate customs code can the supervision conditions of imported equipment be determined, that is, whether it is necessary to apply for an automatic import license;

Used Oil Drill Bits roller cone bit
Import customs declaration agent declaration information:

1. Please provide packing list, commercial documents, trade contract, origin document, bill of lading, power of attorney and related customs declaration and inspection information

2. Detailed information: product name/model/quantity/weight/specification/value/origin/use/new and old conditions/packaging method and picture information.

Used Oil Drill Bits roller cone bit
Import declaration process:

1. Prepare customs declaration information, which refers to the goods’ bill of lading, packing list, contract, invo and other customs declaration information

2. Change of order means to change the bill of lading to a bill of lading that can be declared. At that time, the bill of lading can be used for customs declaration.

3. Inspection and customs declaration company arrangements

4. Customs inspection and cargo inspection,

5. Customs declaration,

6. Customs tax bill

7. Arrange for tax payment

8. Customs release.

The domestic consignee (company) of imported second-hand petroleum drill bits needs the following qualifications:

1. Import and export rights

Note: If you do not have the above qualifications or the qualifications are incomplete, you can use our qualifications for double-header customs declaration; personal imports all use our qualifications.

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