Used Wheel pile driver machine

Used pile driver machine

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Performance characteristics:

  1. Reasonable design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, can move back and forth, rotate 270 degrees left and right, 360-degree two product choices have the characteristics of fast positioning, quick piling, quick piling, high efficiency, etc., can also be customized according to user requirements.
  2. use mud Pump to take out the drilled soil to form a pile hole, then lower the steel cage and pour concrete.
  3. The pile driver consists of pile hammer, pile frame and auxiliary equipment. The pile frame is a steel structure tower, and a hoist is arranged at the rear to lift the pile and the pile hammer.

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions: 760 × 200 × 300cm
Drilling diameter 150-1000MM
Swing angle: 270
Weight: 7T

pile driver machine

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