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The fuel cannot pass through the oil pipes and filters smoothly, and the oil pipes and filter elements are blocked, which will cause the fuel supply to decrease or even be interrupted. The engine will not work normally (difficult to start) and may even stop (unable to start).

1) Check whether the inflation pressure of the accumulator is normal before starting the excavator and rock drill; check whether the flushing water pressure and smooth air pressure are correct; check whether there is a smooth oil in the smoother and whether the oil supply is suitable; check the motor of the oil pump Reverse direction.

2) When rock drilling, push the pusher to the rock drilling orientation so that the front end is against the rock. Be careful to move the rock drill forward to make the drill bit touch the rock. When opening the hole, let the rock drill move quietly first. When the fiber rod is in the rock After it is in place, operate to the fully open position.

3) If the rock drill cannot open the hole smoothly, the rock drill should be operated to retreat first, and then the rock drill should be moved forward to open the hole from the beginning.

4) When replacing the fiber head, the drill should be lightly pressed against the rock, and the rock drill motor should be reversed to complete the motorized fiber unloading head. Used excavator drilling equipment

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