Used Rotary Drilling Rig

Shanhe 360H Used Rotary Drilling Rig

“Looking for a high-performance used rotary drilling rig? Shanhe 360H, manufactured in 2017, 17,000 hours of usage, excellent piling and drilling capabilities, affordable pricing, professional services. Contact us for detailed information.”

Chinese Introduction:

Brand: Shanhe
Model: 360H Rotary Drilling Rig, Used
Manufacturing Year: 2017
Usage Hours: 17,000
Affordable Rotary Drilling Rig, Piling Machine

In the field of construction machinery, we proudly introduce the used Shanhe Model 360H Rotary Drilling Rig. Manufactured in 2017, with a total usage time of 17,000 hours, this is a cost-effective used rotary drilling rig, also equipped with outstanding piling machine functionality.

Key Features:

Outstanding Performance: The Shanhe 360H Rotary Drilling Rig is renowned for its outstanding performance, serving as an integrated engineering machine with powerful piling and rotary drilling functions.

Affordable Rotary Drilling Rig: The used rotary drilling rig we offer comes at a competitive price, providing an economically viable option for your construction projects.

Wide Application: Suitable for various construction projects, including piling and rotary drilling operations, meeting diverse construction needs.

Professional Services:

We promise to provide professional export services, ensuring you can easily introduce this high-performance rotary drilling rig into your construction projects. Our team will assist you in completing the necessary procedures, ensuring a smooth process.

Competitive Pricing:

In the used machinery market, we offer highly competitive prices. Furthermore, we are committed to providing cost-effective construction machinery, allowing you to obtain maximum value within a limited budget.

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