Used refurbished PDC cone bit

cone bit

Operating oil used cone bit (3 5/8 inch–26 inch)
(IADC Code 114-117-125-127-136-217-437-417-517-537-617-637-737) — Geological Mining Bits — PDC Diamond Bits — Foreign Trade Export Bits Business- -Mud Material (CMC) — salvage tools (male cone-female cone-shoe grinding, etc.) — three cranes and one card accessory — a comprehensive strength company with drilling tools as a whole One of the most extensive dealers in the business of accessories, it has been serving drilling units such as oilfield drilling, geology, coal, geothermal wells, gas wells, hydrological exploration, non-excavation crossing projects, bridge foundation piles, etc

At the same time operating a variety of imported S135 G105 oil drill pipe weight drill pipe counterweight drill collar

Imported drill collar: 121-146-159-165-178-203-220-241mm

Imported Grant drill pipe: 89 — 102–114–127–140 — 149 — 168mm

Manufacturers of tricone bits include (Hubei Jianghan Bits-Jiangxi Feilong Bits-Shanghai Haojiang Bits-Sichuan Chuan Bits-Tianjin Lilin Bits-Jiangsu Xinrui Bits etc.)-Various Models of Used Tricone Bits–Refurbished Bits– -pdc drill repair business

Various types can be customized–Rock reamer bit–Rock drilling tool–Non-excavation roller combination bit (311mm–1800mm)-Reverse circulation drill bit for foundation pile–Rotary excavator roller bit

1 This series of drilling tools are universal rock reaming tools for non-excavation and crossing construction industries, and various cone reamers.

Suitable for all types of non-excavation drilling rigs, suitable for various strata, size coverage: 250mm—1800mm

2 The unique anti-rolling technology of the roller prevents the roller from falling into the hole and causing an accident in the hole after the roller bearing is damaged.

3 According to the characteristics of the rig and the formation, select the appropriate tooth profile and bearing structure.

4 Hydraulic rock breaking, smooth slag discharge and reducing slag accumulation.

5 The welding process is guaranteed to prevent welding from overheating.

6 The design of the guide thread belt of the drill body, the guide and slag guide effect is good, reducing repeated drill breakage


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