Used Tri-cone drill bits

Used Tri-cone drill Bits are designed for multiple drilling applications, such as Gas and Oil production, Mining and Mineral Exploration,
Water Well production, and various other industrial uses. Tricone bits we supplied are made from high quality materials (steelforging, carbide, and others) as per API spec 7 or ISO9001 system, including S series elastomer sealed journal bearing bit, S series non-sealed journal bearing bit, SV series six-point position stabilization motor bit, SL series pilot hole-reaming core bit, SD series single cone bit, etc. Please provide IADC code when asking for quotation.

Product Specifications

1) Condition: 80% new

2) Manufacturer brand name: Chinese brand

3) The exact bit size: all standard size

4) Seal type: Elastomer Sealed Bearing

5) Bearing type: Journal Sealed bearing bit with gauge protection

6) Nozzle quantity and nozzle size:3 pcs

7) Connection joint Pin size: API STANDARD


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