Used mud pump hydraulic ceramic plunger

Used 300 type hydraulic ceramic plunger mud pump, used imported environmentally friendly plunger mud pump

mud pump mud pump mud pump

Used double bar hydraulic plunger mud pump. Advantages of Hydraulic Plunger Mud Pump
1. Wear resistance: The plunger is made of alumina ceramic fired and finely ground, with a hardness of HLC8.5 or above and a surface roughness of 0.4um. There is no shear movement between the plunger and the conveyed material Suitable for conveying materials containing sand and solid particles.
2. Strong self suction ability: plunger type vacuum pumping method, with a self suction capacity of 4-8 meters (the specific gravity of the material determines the suction range change)
3. Adjustable constant pressure automatic variable: the working pressure of the plunger mud pump is adjustable, and can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0-20kg. The adjusted pressure will not change due to the change of pump output flow, and will maintain the set pressure unchanged, even if the outlet pressure of the running pump is closed. (The change cannot exceed the large flow rate of the pump, and the flow rate can be zero)
4. High pressure and efficiency: The ordinary model has a high pressure of 20 kilograms. When the pressure is ≥ 5 kilograms and the flow rate is the same, the motor power of the plunger slurry pump is 1 to 2 models smaller than other types of pumps.
5. Simple operation: Pressure adjustment only requires tightening or loosening the pressure regulating valve. After adjusting the pressure, lock it tightly and there is no need to adjust it again in the future.
6. Low usage cost: The vulnerable parts of the pump are valve discs and plunger seals. The replacement cycle is 3-6 months for ceramic mud and 6-12 months for municipal sludge
7. Long service life: The service life should be at least 15 years.
8. Customized production: Based on the actual working conditions of each user, flexibly configure and customize products that meet their production needs.

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