used medical cotton production line

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ITEM: used medical cotton production line
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medical cotton production line


purpose:Used for carding cotton swabs, cotton balls, medical cotton, and cosmetic cotton production
Features: The degreased cotton is opened by a loosening machine and fed into a cotton box, which is evenly fed into the carding machine. It can be equipped with 4 coiling machines, and the minimum output of cotton strips can reach 1.5 grams per meter.

Main technical parameters:

Scope of application: This machine is suitable for feeding cotton rolls into pure cotton and chemical fiber spinning or blending.
Production quantity: 1.5-6.5 grams per meter
Maximum production capacity of 20 kilograms per hour
Working width 1000 millimeters
Additional sorting parts: A set of carding plates for the prick roller sorting
Two rear fixed cover plates
Three front fixed cover plates
Total draft ratio 67-120
Working diameter of the stabbing roller φ 250 millimeters
Cotton chemical fiber take-up roller working speed 1070 revolutions per minute (cotton)
980 rpm (chemical fiber)
Working diameter of tin cylinder φ 1289 millimeters
Cotton chemical fiber cylinder working speed 360 rpm (cotton)
330 rpm (chemical fiber)
Dove working diameter φ 706 millimeters
Dove’s working speed ranges from 21.3 to 38.2 revolutions per minute
Number of cover plates (working cover plates/total number of cover plates) 40/106
Cotton chemical fiber cover plate speed 177 214 266 mm/min
81 98 122 mm/min
Suitable for cotton sliver tubes φ six hundred × 900 millimeters
(diameter) × Height) φ six hundred × 1100mm
Dust removal at three locations: the tin cylinder Dove triangular area, the roller cover, and the belly curtain conveyor
Continuous suction air volume of 1300 meters per hour
Wind pressure -500~-600 Pa
Total installed power 18.25 kW
Main motor 3.3 kW
Dove drive motor 1.1 kW (variable frequency, digital display user can choose).
Floor area (long) × Width 3809 × 2092 mm
The total weight of the aircraft is about 5500 kilograms

medical cotton production line medical cotton production line

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