used sandvik rock drill machine

Rock Drill is a machine or a device that is specially designed to drill through rocks. This device can be used for certain activities like digging wells, preparing foundations, and mineral exploration.

rock drill   rock drill

rock drill        rock drill

1.used sandvik rock drill low gravity, ground clearance achieved great, can easily go through bumpy road.

2.advanced automatic balance system, walk stable, and greatly reduced drill car wallop, guarantee the safe driving.

3.high-power motor drive, and their climbing ability, with large traction.

4.brakes and walk manipulated mechanism choi linkage mode, thus with stability and security.

5.unique resistance from chain device, which greatly improves the reliability of the drill rig.

6.drill car design has the advanced hydraulic system and a complete function pneumatic system,convenient operated.

7.use mobile drilling of arm, expanded the scope of drilling, improve the product adaptability.

8.Rotary gear reducer, using the planet round transmission, speed, low torque force.

9.used sandvik rock drill By adjusting the rotary valve pressure makes speed and torque, ensure the best DTH drilling efficiency.

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