Used brother computer sewing machine

Product name: Used brother computer sewing machine from Japan S-7200A-405.
Computer flat car
Suitable for: clothing, jeans, underwear, bed sheets, gloves, clothing.
For sewing thin, medium and thick materials.
Brand: Brother Brand.
Model: S-7200A-405.
Fineness: 7~90% new.
Second-hand computer flat car.
Used sewing machine jeans sewing machine.

sewing machine

Seven functions:
1. Automatic thread trimming.

2. Automatic fixed needle position.

3. Automatic reverse stitching.

4. Automatic reinforcement.

5. Automatic fixed stitch number.

6. Automatic needle compensation.

7. Electronic thread clamping.

Seven advantages:
1. Built-in direct drive motor, direct drive, sensitive response and accurate positioning;

2. Servo motor, 60% power saving, super bass, low temperature rise, no radiation;

3. The thread take-up lever and the needle bar adopt international advanced materials and are lubricated with little oil to avoid oil pollution;
4. Built-in winder, beautiful and easy to operate;
5. The round knife cuts the thread, which has a wide applicability and can adapt to thicker fabrics;
6. The best dynamic balance design, small vibration, increase the weight of the fuselage, and the structure is reasonable;

7. Improve work efficiency by 20-40%

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