used water well drilling machine

Used water well drilling machine Hw350

Used water well drilling machine Hw350 Main parameters:


Well drilling depth300m (152mm~203mm)
Wireline core retrieval with 75mm hole diameter450~500m
Drilling (bit) diameterØ75~Ø350mm
Drilling angle90°
Lifting force120KN
Thrust force85KN
Rotary speedClockwise:27-901r/min
Maximum torque10500N.m
Diesel engine modelYuchai 85KW
Rated power/speed58kW/ 2400r/min
Mechanical winch single rope lifting force4.5Ton
Drill rod diameter50/60/76/89mm  NQ/HQ/PQ
Drill rod length3000mm
Matching mud pumpBW160/BW200/ BW250
Travel speed0~2  Km/h
Climbing abilityMax. 25°~30°
Transportation state dimensions5400*1600*2600mm
Working state dimensions3480*1600*7300mm
Overall weight5800Kg
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