Used Wireline Core Drilling Rig

Fully Hydraulic Wireline Core Drilling Rig – 800 Meter Geological Exploration Equipment – Crawler-Type Core Sampling Machine

  • Product Name: Fully Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
  • Product Specification: LH-600/800
  • Drilling Capacity: 300650m/6001200m
  • Rated Power: 92kw/118kw
  • Power Head Torque: 1400N.m/1800N.m
  • Total Weight: 4.5t/6t

Core Drilling Rig Core Drilling Rig

Core Drilling Rig Core Drilling Rig

Fast Drilling Speed, High Torque
The drilling rig offers a speed range of 33-1120 RPM with a maximum torque output of 9800 N.M, delivering powerful performance and enhanced efficiency.

Robust Power for Improved Efficiency
The drill rig employs a long-stroke double-speed mechanism and a mechanical power head with a 3000mm stroke to boost drilling efficiency while reducing the occurrence of drilling blockages and burnout incidents.

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