Xiamen Jing Long 6122 Used Tourist Coach

Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Model 6122 Used Tourist Coach

  • Year of Manufacture: 2021
  • Seating Capacity: 56 seats
  • Model: 6122
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Drive: Rear-wheel Drive
  • Mileage: Less than 50,000 kilometers
  • Emission Standard: National V (China V)
  • Vehicle Condition: Premium Used

Long Distance Coach

Used Tourist Coach Used Tourist Coach

Used Tourist Coach

Key Features:

  1. Non-Commercial Vehicle: This coach is a non-commercial model with excellent maintenance and superior condition, suitable for personal or special purposes.
  2. Safety Airbag Center Door: Equipped with a safety airbag center door to enhance passenger safety, ensuring a comfortable and secure travel experience.
  3. Single-side Luggage Rack: Uniquely designed single-side luggage rack for convenient passenger luggage storage, providing a more convenient travel experience.
  4. Through Big Storage Compartment: Spacious interior design with a through big storage compartment, ensuring passengers have a more spacious and comfortable space during the journey.
  5. Powerful Engine: Powered by the Yuchai 330 engine, delivering strong and stable performance, reliable in various road conditions.

Export Services:

This vehicle is located in China and offers export services. International customers are welcome to inquire, and we will provide professional export procedures and transportation arrangements.

Purchasing a used Golden Dragon Model 6122 coach ensures you receive a high-quality, well-equipped, and safe tourist coach. Feel free to contact us anytime for more details or to arrange an on-site inspection.

We hope this translation meets your requirements. If there are any adjustments or additional information needed, please let me know.

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