Oil tricone drill bit custom processing

The most commonly used in oil drilling and geological drilling is cone roller drill bit. The roller cone bit has the function of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock during rotation, so the roller bit can adapt to various soft, medium and hard formations. Especially after the emergence of the jet cone bit and the long nozzle cone bit, the drilling speed of the cone bit has greatly increased, which is a major revolution in the development history of the cone bit. Roller bit can be divided into milling tooth (steel tooth), roller bit (inlay of hard alloy teeth on the cone) according to the type of tooth. , Tri-cone and multi-cone drill bits. Tri-cone bit is the most widely used at home and abroad.

drill bit  drill bit

drill bit

Roller bits are an indispensable part in the oil, earth and various drilling industries, but roller cone bits are too expensive for some drilling industries, which has prompted some drilling industries to produce a lot of used roller bits. Interest, its low price and reliable quality (only 1/3 of its life is used in oil drilling), which has reduced a lot of costs for the drilling industry. So used roller cone drills have become an important part of some drilling industries.

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Product name: 311mm tri-cone drill bit with rubber seal

Product introduction: H series drills are O-shaped rubber sealed plain bearing drills, which can withstand high drilling pressure at normal speeds. Its main structural features:

1.Using high-strength and high-toughness cemented carbide teeth to improve the impact resistance of the teeth and reduce the rate of broken teeth;

2.The optimized design of the number of teeth rows, the number of teeth, the height of the exposed teeth and the unique alloy tooth profile make full use of the cutting ability and speed of the drill;

3. The spring is used to lock the cone, which can withstand high drilling pressure;

4. The inner hole of the cone is welded with anti-wear alloy to improve the anti-seizure ability of the bearing;

5.Using high-saturated nitrile rubber O-shaped sealing ring, optimized seal compression increases the reliability of bearing seal;

6. The all-rubber oil storage bag that can limit the pressure difference and prevent drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system, provides good lubrication for the bearing system, and ensures the normal operation of the “O” -shaped seal ring, which increases the working life of the drill bit

7.The new type of grease with high temperature and low temperature resistance of 250 ℃ is adopted to improve the high temperature resistance of the drill seal lubrication system.


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