Used PDC oil drill bit

Used PDC oil drill bit. Polycrystalline diamond materials, for use in polycrystalline diamond compact (PDCbits, are one of the most important material advances for oil drilling tools in recent years. Fixed-head bits rotate as one piece and contain no separately moving parts

oil drill bit
Used PDC oil drill bit

Drill import declaration process:
1. Sign contracts with domestic and foreign customers and negotiate payment matters;
2. Foreign suppliers arrange delivery to Chinese ports
3.The foreign exporter provides the following documents:
A: Bills of lading or warehouse receipt
B: commercial invoice
C: packing list
D: certificate of origin

Used PDC drill bits Related codes and tax rates for import of used drill bits
Cone bit
Widely used drilling bits
Used PDC drill
Cutting type drill

unique cutter configuration to lower bit reactive torque and vibration, dramatically improving drilling efficiency. Unlike traditional PDC bits, the cutters of this step-change advancement work together to lower lateral vibration and increase crack propagation in the drilled rock. The CounterForce cutting structure is engineered to slice through rock while maintaining a more consistent torque signature thus increasing stability and ROP.
Reduced torque and vibration
Improved drilling efficiency
Improved directional performance
Higher ROP

oil drill bit oil drill bit

Composite chip drill

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