HIKARI flat car sewing machine

HIKARI computerized flat car sewing machine.

sewing machine

Seven functions:
1. Automatic thread trimming

2. Automatic fixed needle position

3. Automatic reverse stitching

4. Automatic reinforcement

5. Automatic fixed stitch number

6. Automatic needle compensation

7. Electronic thread clamping.

sewing machine
Second-hand high-speed automatic thread trimming lockstitch sewing machine.

Good color, wear-resistant and durable, quality assurance.
There are a large number of second-hand computer flat cars in stock in the company’s warehouse, and new and old customers are welcome to order. Welcome to test the goods directly at your door.

Note: The second-hand machine is different from the old one, and the price is also different.
Real shots of second-hand computer flat cars, good quality and affordable prices.


sewing machine
Precautions for buying a second-hand computerized flat car sewing machine
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