Used brother clothing sewing machine

Second-hand computerized sewing machine/computerized flat-car sewing machine/automatic thread trimmer household industry/

sewing machine

sewing machine

sewing machine

Second-hand computerized sewing machine Applicable to: sewing of thin, medium and thick materials such as clothing, jeans, underwear, bed sheets, gloves, and garments.
Seven functions of second-hand computer sewing machine:
1. Automatic thread trimming.

2. Automatic fixed needle position.

3. Automatic reverse stitching.

4. Automatic reinforcement.

5. Automatic fixed stitch number.

6. Automatic needle compensation.

7. Electronic thread clamping.
Maintenance tips: usually (presser foot, bobbin case) clean up more garbage, add some sewing machine oil to the hole in the machine head for 2 to 3 days to keep the voltage stable.
Real shots of second-hand computer flat cars, good quality and affordable prices.
Second-hand Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine.
For thin/medium thick fabrics/thick fabrics.
Imported with original packaging. After-sales warranty period: 3 months warranty.
Reminder: After-sales, there are professional masters to provide operation guidance! Professional service deserves peace of mind!

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