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Used Konica UV inkjet 2512 tablet printer

Used Konica UV inkjet 2512 tablet printer
ITEM:UV printer

·Konica Minolta head
·4~16 Konica Minolta heads/4colors(CMYK)~8colors(CMYK.LC.LM +W+V)
·spray speed 38sqm/hr
·spray width 1.22m× 2.54m
·workable many types of material
·spray thickness upto 10cm
·resolution 1440×1440 dpi
head technology :Piezoelectric inkjet printing
ink supply:continue/capacity 4000m
ink feature:UV ink
head controller:program to control temp and voltage of the head
workable material:sheet
drying system:UV lump
Rip soft:Photoprint 6.1 Flora  version(Windows 2000,Windows XP Pro Sp2)
color: ICC standard
image format:Bitmaps,TIFF,JPEG,Postscript 3,EPS,PDF etc..
power:50Hz/60Hz,200V-240V, Max. current 30A
best working enviroment:18-30℃,humidty:40-70%
technology parameter
model:PP- 2512UV
head:Konica Minolta
head quantity:8~16个
color:4color (CMYK)~8color(CMYK,LC,LM+W+V)
accuracy:360×360、720×720 、1440×1440dpi
spray:high precison output:super high precison output:upto 38sqm/hr 25sqm/hr19sqm/hr
workable materials:corrugate paper、foam sheet、foam sheet、ceramic、glass、wood、metal、paper、banner、PVC、mesh fabric 、sticker etc..
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