photo printer machine

Used EPSON photo printer machine

Used EPSON photo printer machine.
ITEM: the 5th generation solvent printer

epson head,1440DPI,13sqm/hour

●EPSON head 4color,8 column each head 180 spray head.
●unique printing style .
●multi ink selection:the machine uses microwaves and gradient feathering technology to eliminate PASS Road, breaking the past, the color of the machine and the drawbacks of special materials.
●the first unique dual-vertical balance rail, to enhance the nozzle print speed, high precision and more stable.
●automatic configuration: automatic feeding, automatic ink absorption, automatic scraping ink and other devices.
●at the same time to provide support for large capacity ink cartridges, each cartridge capacity of up to 500ml, each ink cartridges independently for a row of holes for ink, you can ensure high-speed output of thick images. .
●the most advanced smart nozzle cleaning and moisturizing devices, and provides a safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, users can rest assured at any time to print jobs.
●using high-speed network technology interface, the maximum transfer speed of up to 480M / S, plug and play, convenient and easy to achieve remote or LAN printing needs.
●the system can provide 6pass higher quality, more efficient printing mode, the user can rest assured that the choice of more types of materials to print.
●fast-drying ink, which can achieve the output of the dry fast drying effect, but also difficult to damp, not easy to stick edge unique effect.

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