Second-hand QTZ315 Tower Crane

used Tower Crane  used Tower Crane

“Second-hand QTZ315 tower crane, a 70m tower crane with a lifting capacity of 16 tons. QTZ315 is a model known for its robust performance and reliability in the field of tower cranes. With a lifting capacity of 16 tons and a height of 70m, it is suitable for a variety of construction applications. Please contact the manufacturer or authorized dealers for detailed technical specifications and other information.”

Here are the main parameters for the QTZ315 tower crane, organized into a table:

ParameterUnitQTZ315 (380)QTZ315 (420)
Lifting Momentkn.m315315
Max Rated Loadt1818
Effective Radiusm83.383.3
Max Radius Rated Loadt3.03.0
Lifting HeightmIndependent: 30 Wall-attached: 100Independent: 30 Wall-attached: 100
Lifting Speedm/min53.7/26.8/753.7/26.8/7
Slewing Speedr/mmin33/2233/22
Trolleying Speedn/square meter0.82/0.40.82/0.4
Factory Heightm3030
Hoisting Speedm/min1.
Main Leg Material Specificationmm1251251212512512
Standard Section Sizemm1.
Max Working Wind PressureN/square meter250250
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