Used Tower Crane XCMG XGT6015-8S

Used Tower Crane XCMG XGT6015-8S for sale.

XGT6015-8S is one of the flagship models in the S series, which introduces the design concept and control technology of automotive cranes into the industry. The S series places “high safety” at its core, offering a series of products characterized by intelligence, high performance, and superior quality. This series inherits XCMG’s innovations and breakthroughs in four major advantageous technological aspects: safety and reliability, advanced intelligence, green efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design.

Here are the technical specifications for XCMG XGT6015-8S tower crane:

Arm Length/Load at Arm Endm/t60/1.5
Rated Lifting Momentt.m125
Maximum Lifting Weightt8
Fixed Heightm45
Attached Heightm216

Used XCMG XGT6015-8S Tower CraneUsed XCMG XGT6015-8S Tower Crane


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