FOUNDREAM brand wood and bamboo fiberboard

FOUNDREAM brand wood and bamboo fiberboard.

FOUNDREAM is a brand name owned by Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in the new building decoration materials industry. FOUNDREAM is centered on healthy harmony, affordable price, and high efficiency.

It has realized people’s life and beauty in the modern era. High demand: beautiful, healthy, harmonious, fast.
Our main products are new building materials such as nanofiber board, bamboo fiberboard, decorative lines and so on.
The wood fiberboard of the FOUNDREAM brand is formed by using the advanced production technology of one-time hot-pressing and bonding technology to form environmentally-friendly material fiberboards and polymer films.
The plate has ultra-high-fidelity woodgrain, stone grain, wallpaper, etc., and is a traditional decoration.
The most satisfying consumer alternatives are materials that are non-pollution, high in lifespan, heat-insulated, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, termite-proof, easy to install, easy to scrub, stylish, recyclable, etc.
They can be widely used in homes, offices, etc. Decoration works for churches, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTVs, leisure clubs, hospitals, schools and other places and environments.
For a long time, FOUNDREAM has focused on the sales and application of new environmentally-friendly building materials.
The excellent quality, professional service, and good reputation of FOUNDREAM have attracted customers from all corners of the globe. In the spirit of sincerity and mutual win, FOUNDREAM looks forward to more cooperation from friends from all over the world!
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