used botton drill bit

Used botton rock drilling bit

Used​​ rock drilling button drilling bit.

drilling bit

DTH drills are used to drill holes and should be widely used.

For example: when you open a road and build a bridge, you need to open a hole, and you need to open a hole, put some medicine powder that can be lit, and let it break open and hold it to quarry. In order to break the stone. The same is used for high-speed rail, etc.

Central subsidence type: When using low-medium pressure to drill soft-medium hard and cracked rock formations, in order to obtain fast rock drilling speed and less blast hole slope, this head shape is usually used.

Concave type: This head shape is suitable for all rock formations, especially in medium hard and uniform lithology. The blast hole deviation is small, and the slag discharge effect is good.

Convex type: This shape is suitable for low- to medium-pressure drilling of soft-medium hard rock formations. It is characterized by low side tooth load, less serious wear, and fast drilling speed.

Double-sided tooth profile: This double-sided tooth profile is suitable for drilling very hard rock formations at high wind pressures. At this time, the drilling speed is fast, and the drill body is less worn.

Flat type: This flat type head is suitable for drilling very hard rock formations and corrosive wall formations at high wind pressure. At this time, the faster the drilling speed, the less wear of the drill body.

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