Used refurbished dth hammer bits

Used dth hammer bits refurbished

Used dth hammer bits
Used dth hammer bits refurbished

Used dth hammer bits

Used dth hammer bits refurbished 

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Down-the-hole drill bits High-pressure pressure down-the-hole drill bits have four main end face design forms: convex end face type, end face flat type, end face concave type, and end face deep concave center type. Cemented carbides usually use ball teeth, spring teeth, or ball teeth and spring teeth.Used low presure DTH dth drill bits
Used dth drill bits water borehole drilling
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Used dth hammer bits refurbished
1. End face convex type: This type of drill is divided into two forms, single boss and double boss end face, the latter is mainly used for large diameter DTH drills. The convex end face type DTH drill bit can maintain a high rock drilling rate when drilling medium hard and hard abrasive rocks, but the straightness of the hole is poor, and it is not suitable for rock drilling with high requirements on the straightness of the blast hole. engineering.
2. Flat end face: This shape of the drill bit is more durable and suitable for drilling hard and extremely hard rocks. It is also suitable for drilling medium-hard rocks and soft rocks with low straightness requirements.
3. End face concave type: This shape of the drill head has a conical depression on the end face. It is a bit of nucleation during the rock drilling process to maintain the centering performance of the drill bit. The bore of the drill has a better straight line. This type of drill has good powder discharge effect and fast drilling speed. It is the most commonly used DTH drill on the market.
4. End face deep concave center type: This shape of the drill bit is evolved from the same type of ball bit. The center of the end face of the drill bit has a deep concave center portion. It is used for nucleation in the process of rock drilling, and to ensure the straightness of the blasthole when drilling deep holes, it is only suitable for drilling soft rocks and medium hard rocks.

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