Used 200 meters core drilling rig

Used 200 meters core drilling rig for sale.

Used core drilling rig

Used core drilling rig

Used core drilling rig

Used core drilling rig
200 meters engineering exploration rig

I. Scope of application of HZ-200Y core drilling rig

Geological census exploration, road and high-rise building foundation exploration, as well as various concrete structure inspection holes, river embankments, subgrade grouting holes drilling and direct grouting, civil water wells and ground temperature central air conditioning.

HZ-200Y Core Drilling Rig Features

1. The 53 × 59 hexagonal active drill pipe is adopted, which has strong rigidity and large transmission torque.

2. This machine adopts the national patent technology taper clutch, which has the outstanding characteristics of large transmission torque, convenient operation and maintenance-free.

3. The planetary gear of the hoist increases the modulus and installs a support frame, which greatly improves the hoisting and braking capabilities.

4. The four sets of bearings of the vertical shaft box are positioned to ensure that the gyrator is sufficiently rigid to cope with complex geological conditions such as gravel layers and pebble layers.

5. The first similar mud pump in the country to be equipped with an integrated mud pump with a flow rate of 160L / min, which has the characteristics of cost saving, compact structure and light weight.

Technical parameters of HZ-200Y core drilling rig

Machine parameters

Drilling depth 200m

* Opening diameter 300mm

Terminal hole diameter 75mm

Drill rod diameter 60mm

Drilling angle 90 ° ~ 75 °

Rig weight (without power) 1100kg

V-belt B950 × 4 B1700 × 3

Active movement distance 300mm

Power Diesel engine / motor 20HP / 15KW

Vertical shaft

Speed ​​of vertical shaft 64 128 287 557 r / min

Vertical axis stroke 450mm


Single rope * lifting weight 2400kg

Lifting speed of single rope 0.41 0.82 1.64m / s

Wire rope diameter 13mm

Wire rope capacity 35m

Brake diameter 260mm

Band width 70mm

Mud pump

Type Horizontal single-cylinder double-acting

* Displacement with diesel engine 170L / min with motor 150L / min

* Pressure 3Mpa

Working pressure 1.5Mpa

Inlet pipe diameter 40mm

Outlet pipe diameter 30mm

V-belt B1728mm

Hydraulic pump

Specifications CBT—F—314

V-belt B1100 × 1



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