Used rock roller cone bit

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roller cone bit

roller cone bit roller cone bit roller cone bit

Used roller cone bit bearings adopt high-precision radial sliding and two-thrust bearings; tooth claw bearings are overlaid with wear-resistant alloy layers, and roller bearings are inlaid with silver-plated anti-friction alloys, which improves the bearing capacity and anti-seizure capacity .

Used rock bit rock drill bit uses a high-precision metal seal. The metal seal consists of a pair of carefully designed and processed metal seal rings as the axial dynamic seal of the bearing. Two highly elastic rubber energy supply rings are located in the seal area of ​​the tooth claw and the roller, respectively, as a static seal. The optimized seal compression volume ensures two The metal ring seal surfaces are in good contact at all times.

Used roller cone bit inserts use high-strength, high-toughness cemented carbide teeth. The optimized design of the number of rows, the number of teeth, the height of the exposed teeth and the unique profile of the alloy teeth fully utilize the high wear resistance and excellent cutting of the insert bits. ability. Outer teeth compound diamond enhances the diameter keeping effect.
Claw back surfacing with imported wear-resistant material and equipped with protruding composite diamond teeth, which has the dual diameter keeping effect of repairing the well wall

High-quality three-cylinder drill bits are generally able to meet various geological conditions. As long as the drilling staff can strictly follow various construction procedures, it can ensure that in the long-term operation, it can still ensure the same performance. After all, the design of the tri-cone bit uses three cones and a conical pyramid structure to achieve the effect of crushing stone particles and cutting rocks through rows of inlaid steel teeth

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