Used HDD Hole Openers cone drill bit

cone drill bit  cone drill bit

cone drill bit cone drill bit


Engineering combination cone drill bit Large diameter cone drill bit
Scope of use of the assembly drill:

Assembly roller bit, combined roller bit

Mainly used for: foundation pile engineering, bridge construction, hydrological detection, opening and reaming!

It is divided by a tri-cone bit and then welded on a certain size chassis.

The overall structure of the assembled drill is mainly composed of 4 or more single-cone palms, the main cutting teeth are steel teeth with new wear-resistant alloys, and high-quality hard alloy tooth devices with new formulas and processes, which effectively improve Reaming bit life

1. The combination cone bit is mainly used for drilling piles and foundation rocks of bridges and high-rise buildings. Its users are in various systems such as geological survey, railway, water conservancy, and construction in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, and are trusted by users.

2. Use of stratum: the combination cone bit is suitable for drilling of cast-in-place pile rock, water wells and ventilation holes. It is suitable for stratum of strong, medium and slightly weathered rocks and pebbles, such as granite, gneiss, sandstone, limestone. , Shale, etc.

3. The biggest advantage of the product is that the drill can be assembled according to the requirements.

The roller cone drill factory is a professional company that provides mining accessories services for the construction of oil fields, mines, water wells, and other industrial and agricultural constructions. It operates various specifications and types of tri-cone drills, cone drills, and can process and customize various cone palms. Various types of roller cone drill bits, petroleum tri-cone bit, assembled cone roller bit, large-diameter cone roller bit, cog cone roller bit, steel cone roller bit, PDC bit, combined cone roller bit, various sizes 76 -660mm tricone drill bit.

Engineering combination cone drill bit Large diameter cone drill bit

From 8 1/2 inches (215.9mm) to 1.7m (1700mm), we can design and customize.

cone drill bit


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