Used tricone roller bits for sale

Used tricone roller bits for sale.

Professional processing reaming assembly drills, large-diameter assembly cone drills, guide drills, hole cone assembly drills, reaming cone drills.

We have professional technical staff, advanced technology and equipment, and use electronic cutting technology to integrate the whole The roller cone bit is cut into a single roller palm, and then processed and assembled according to the predetermined dimensions to become the model required by the customer.

This large-caliber assembled drill is mainly used for drilling and reaming during the drilling process, bridge foundation pile engineering, secondary drilling, and plays a guiding role. The types we can process are from 350mm to 1800mm reaming drills. They can be assembled with indented tricone drills or rigid toothed tricone drills.

They are mainly targeted at different strata of customers to choose different tooth assemblies. . In addition, we have been supplying 3 to 26 inch solid cone drills and 76mm-445mm diamond PDC composite drill bits for a long time. The brands include Hubei Jianghan, Sichuan Chuanshi, Tianjin Lilin, Jiangxi Feilong, Jiangsu Xinrui and other manufacturers (metal seals, Rubber seal) Tri-cone bit, petroleum bit, mining bit, geological bit and other types of drilling bits.

Used tricone roller bits

Used tricone roller bits

Used tricone roller bits


Steel tooth IADC7, etc.

Insertion IADC, etc.

Applicable formations of steel tooth tri-cone bit:
1: Soft formation with low compressive strength and high drillability
2: Medium to medium hard formations with high compressive strength
3: Semi-abrasive and abrasive hard formations
4: Extremely hard formation with low compressive strength and high drillability
Applicable formations for cogging tricone bit:
1: Low compressive strength and high drillability in soft formations
2: Soft and medium hard formations with low compressive strength
3: Medium hard formation with high compressive strength
4: Hard abrasive or medium abrasive formation
5: Extremely hard formation with high abrasiveness

Used tricone roller bits

Packaging: Fumigation-free wooden box, iron box, carton

Mainly used in: oil drilling, water well drilling, coal mine exploration, natural gas drilling, geothermal well drilling, air conditioning well drilling and other drilling projects.

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