Oil drilling used Tricone Bits

Used Tricone Bits/TCI Bit/ Roller Cone Bit Hughes Tricone TCI Drill Bit.

Used Tricone Bits Used Tricone Bits Used Tricone Bits

Jianghan Shanghai Chuanshi Ternary Used Tricone Bits  Model:
Used oil drill
Application: drilling wells, geological exploration drilling diameter: 215.9 (mm) drilling depth: 1000 (m) drilling angle: 90 (°) overall dimensions: 215.9 (mm) specifications: 215.9mm

Tri-cone tooth bit

1.1 Cutting structure

High-quality cemented carbide teeth with new formula and new technology enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of cutting teeth.

1.2 Gage Structure

Multi-gauge structure: The outer row of the roller is inlaid with trimming teeth (GT teeth), the back of the wheel and the back of the claw are inlaid with hard alloy teeth, surfacing with anti-dust alloy, and the welding of the claw tip and front side is greatly improved

The drill bit’s diameter keeping ability.

1.3 Bearing structure

Adopt high-precision radial sliding, two-way thrust bearings, tight steel balls. The tooth pawl journal and the second stop surface are welded with abrasion-resistant alloys, cone holes and the second stop surface are inlaid with special alloy and silver plated.

Adding the abrasion resistance and anti-seizure ability of the bearing pair to improve the ability of the bearing pair to adapt to high speeds.

1.4 Seal lubrication

Adopt advanced metal seal. The metal seal structure is composed of two metal rings and two elastic rubber function rings. The two function rings are on the roller metal ring and the tooth claw metal ring.

  Used Tricone Bits The tension generated after compression makes the sealing surfaces of the two metal rings fit together. During the drilling process of the drill, the functional ring is always in a position relative to the jaw journal seal groove and the roller seal groove.

It is in a static state and acts as a static seal. Since the reliability of the seal has been greatly improved, and the life of the bit has been greatly extended, the metal seal bit is suitable for high-speed drilling. Limitable differential pressure

Used Tricone Bits

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