Used rock Hdd combination cone drill bit

Used Refurbished Hdd Rock Reamer Engineering combination cone drill bit


cone drill bitcone drill bit

cone drill bit cone drill bit

cone drill bit

Water well used tri-cone bit drill hole drill used assembly bit
1. Large diameter drill bit is used in construction, bridge construction, highway construction, railway construction and other fields.
2. This series of drill bits are suitable for various complex formations, such as shale, limestone, cobblestone, dolomite, conglomerate, etc.
3. The biggest advantage of the product is that the drill size can be customized according to the requirements of pile driving, with a maximum diameter of 1600mm.

Used Refurbished Hdd Rock Reamer
The product conforms to API standards, and the drill model is in line with the international IADC (International Drilling Contractors Association) code. It is mainly used in oil fields, gas fields, mines, wells, geological exploration, geothermal development, hydrological exploration, engineering piling, etc.
After years of production and operation development and technological innovation, our company has gradually perfected and established a professional team, including professionals in technical support and after-sales service, to serve production, logistics, and final use of products. Our products are full in variety, excellent in quality, and reasonable in price, which can maximize the cost savings for your drilling project. Large inventory and fast delivery. Welcome new and old customers to visit and discuss cooperation!

Used Refurbished Hdd Rock Reamer
1.  How big can the assembled drill be? (How big is the diameter to design)?
There are many options for the diameter of the assembled drill, and it can be designed to any size.
From 8 1/2 inch nbsp; 215.9mm) to 1.7m nbsp; 1700mm), we can design and customize.
2.  What is the quality of the assembled drill?
The quality of second-hand assembly (combination) drill bits is absolutely okay. Now many users who drill wells choose economical assembly drill bits, and from the feedback of users, it is absolutely guaranteed and saves costs.
 Used Hdd Rock Reamer What are you waiting for, if you want to customize the drill bit or have other questions, you can always consult us.

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