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Used sewing machine jeans sewing machine

Product name: Original second-hand Brother computer flat car imported from Japan S-7200A-405 Computer flat car Suitable for: clothing, jeans, underwear, bed sheets, gloves, clothing For sewing thin, medium and thick materials. Brand: Brother Brand Model: S-7200A-405 Fineness: 7~90% new Second-hand computer flat car Used sewing machine jeans sewing machine Seven functions: 1. Automatic thread trimming 2. Automatic fixed needle position 3. Automatic reverse stitching 4. Automatic reinforcement 5. Automatic fixed stitch number 6. Automatic needle compensation 7. Electronic thread clamping. Second-hand Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine Eight advantages: 1. Built-in direct drive motor, direct drive, sensitive response and accurate positioning; 2. Servo motor, 60% power saving, super bass, low temperature rise, no radiation; 3. The thread take-up lever and the needle


Sale of used JUKI sewing machine Gaoche Leather Factory Used sewing machine

Sale of used JUKI sewing machine Gaoche Leather Factory Used sewing machine species Second-hand small mouth high car degree of automation Semi-automatic Applicable thickness range Thick material machine Stitch type Thick material machine Applicable place Factory use Role object leather Drive form electric Contacts Single needle Number of lines Double line Number of heads Single head machine product type second hand After-sales service Three months warranty use Sewing equipment model 244   The working principle of used JUKI sewing machine is the same as that of ordinary lockstitch sewing machine, except that the working surface is erected or reduced horizontally, which is convenient for sewing hole-shaped products (such as bags, hats, shoes, etc.). The presser foot can be modified into

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